Z33 350z/ G35 4130 Super Lock drift knuckles
Z33 350z/ G35 4130 Super Lock drift knuckles
Z33 350z/ G35 4130 Super Lock drift knuckles
Z33 350z/ G35 4130 Super Lock drift knuckles
Z33 350z/ G35 4130 Super Lock drift knuckles


Z33 350z/ G35 4130 Super Lock drift knuckles

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Z33 350z/ G35 4130 Super Lock drift knuckles

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Product enquiry

Introducing the ultimate drifting upgrade for the Z33 350Z! The GKTECH Super Lock Drift Knuckles are engineered to provide precise and predictable steering response while delivering up to 70 degrees of steering angle, they are not for the faint-hearted.

We've lowered the ball joint height to achieve a 30mm roll centre correction while also relocating the tie rod pickup to provide faster steering, reduced ackermann and optimised bump steer. Alongside this, the ackermann is adjustable, giving either some ackermann or parallel steering and the bump steer is adjustable for those that want to dial their setup in.

The caster has been reduced which in turn reduces camber change through steering angle resulting in a flatter contact patch and more consistent steering feedback during drifting. The added caster trail makes up for the reduced caster to ensure that self steer remains desirable.

Our knuckles are constructed from 4130 chromoly steel which provides incredible strength while still being lightweight. They are specifically designed for aftermarket single-piece lower A-arms instead of the OEM two-piece virtual A-arm. To further enhance performance, we've added high misalignment PTFE lined spherical bearings throughout the knuckles.

If you wanted to run ABS with our knuckles we have an option to add a bracket to hold the ABS sensor as well.

- 30mm roll centre correction
- Optimised camber gain in roll and bump
- Reduced caster which reduces camber change through steering for a flatter contact patch and more consistent steering feedback during drift
- Increased steering speed and adjustable ackermann
- Strong but lightweight sheet metal design, constructed from 4130 chromoly steel
- Specifically designed for aftermarket single piece lower A-arm instead of the OEM two piece virtual a-arm
- Corrected bump steer for predictability and consistency, with spacers for bump steer adjustment
- High misalignment PTFE lined spherical bearings throughout
- High clearance to support up to 70 degrees of steering angle

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Nissan Z33 350z
- Nissan G35 Coupe (2003-2007)
- Nissan G35 Sedan (2003-2006)

NOTE - Adjustable front upper camber arms with negative adjustment are required.
NOTE #2 - 1 piece front lower control arms are required
NOTE #3 - These knuckles are designed to provide maximum performance and, as a result, do not have provisions for ABS


How much angle can I get out of these Super Lock Drift Knuckles?
Our Super Lock Drift Knuckles can support around 70 degrees of steering lock!

How hard are these to fit?
They are quite easy to install but mechanical knowledge is required and recommended. 

We also include an assembly guide on most product pages, that can be seen above. You are also welcome to get in touch if you need help.

But apart from that, remove your standard LCA's and compression rods and the LCA's will bolt straight in. 

What's the difference between your "bolt on steering kit" and these Super Lock Drift Knuckles?
The main benefit between the 2 is the Super Lock Drift Knuckles have roll center correction, bump steer correction, optimised gamber gain through bump and droop, and they have reduced camber change through steering range (more consistent steering feedback).

Are these suited to circuit/grip racing?
Although these are marketed primarily to drifters, the benefits can still be useful in a circuit/grip application. We do have a grip specific knuckle coming out soon, feel free send us an email to get on the waiting list!

Do I need to do any other modifications to get the most from these knuckles?
Yes, infact there are some prerequisites. You must be running aftermarket front upper camber arms with adequate inward adjustment. You must also run front lower control arms that are a 1 piece design like the ones that we make. 

Does installing this kit require a wheel alignment?
Yes, it alters both toe so a wheel alignment will be required after installation.

Will this fit my car?
We can only confirm fitment for the vehicles listed above under "vehicle compatibility". If your car is not listed there, then we don't know if it will fit.

Can I install this myself? If so how long will installation take?
Yes, provided you have general mechanical knowledge as they are relitively straightforward. Installation time should be around 30 minutes. However, being a suspension component we recommend only a trained professional to install this product

What wheel specs are optimal?
The 350z/V35's have a HUGE swaybar up front which is not ideal. Some customers choose to remove this which certainly helps with clearance. From our test vehicles we found low offsets (near 0 or even negative) were best for fitment without the use of extended FLCA's. The swaybar being the main issue. 

Typically, something along the lines of the below are best suited:

17x8.5 +40
18x9 +40 
19x9.5 +40 

Do I need bolt on rack spacers?
It is not completely neccessary, if you are chasing lock, then we do recommend the bolt on rack spacers this will allow for more travel of the rack, which results in more steering lock.

If you are not chasing steering lock and just want to have the other benefits that the Super Lock Drift Knuckles provide then the bolt on rack spacers are not a requirement.

Should I get offset rack spacers or bolt on rack spacers?
This boils down to your setup, if you have low offset wheels and adjustable arms already and feel as if, if you had more lock the steering may over center, then we recommend the offset rack spacers, as they still provide adequate rack travel while also mitigating over-centering.

If your setup is fairly standard and you just want to obtain more steering lock, then I would just recommend the bolt on rack spacers, which to date is adequate.

I already have inner tie rod ends that have rack spacers built in, should I get your bolt on rack spacers?
The aim of the game is to unlock the full potential of the steering rack through rack spacers. If you inner tie rod ends already have them built in, thats fine and they still can be used, but we do recommend checking if that is a limiting factor (assuming they are shorter then the ones we recommend) if they are then we suggest the bolt on rack spacers, because who doesn't like more lock right? ...... right!

Am I going to have any problems with an increase in lock with the Super Lock Drift Knuckles?
Being that the steering kit increases steering angle and changes the ackerman this in turn may cause a light to appear on the dash along with the engagement of VDC.

To circumvent this, we recommend to bypass the factory YAW sensor or you can unplug it entirely.

Note that disabling the YAW sensor may not be legal for road use, please contact your local RTA if this is a concern for you and or effects your intention of use.

Are there any special tools required?
No, a spanner set will do the job which we do sell separately here - https://au.gktech.com/open-ended-spanners



Z33 350Z


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Tyler Pate

Man these things are ridiculous. Great job on the knuckles. These things are killer. Y’all really knocked it out the park. Steering feels great and angle is ridiculous.